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- Health assessment: weight, blood pressure, medical history, body mass index.

- Goal establishment: Where are you? Where should you be? We provide the plan to get you there.

- Cardiovascular: exercise on top level cardiac equipment with supervision catered

to your needs.

Our wellness program is a 10 week comprehensive exercise program aimed at promoting a wellness based lifestyle. If you've wanted to start an exercise program, but didn't know how to begin, then here is your chance. The program consists of a 10 week course. We meet 3x a week and the 11th week is a makeup week. The 12th week is off before the start of the next session.

Wellness program details

- Strength Training: exercises consisting of machine, free weight, and core stabilization to address each individual's needs.

- Flexibility: proper and safe stretching techniques.

- Education: nutrition, exercise, safety, and other wellness based strategies designed to meet your goals.

The cost for the wellness program is $200.00 per semester. We have payment options available. Cost includes 30 one hour classes, an individual health assessment, goal establishment, and a t-shirt. Make a commitment to enjoy life to its fullest. Register now; space is limited.

30 one hour classes

Classes available 2-3 times a week.

Choose your best time.


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